Lifeforce Internships:

Want to learn Organic Farming in REAL time on a REAL farm…now is your chance!

We are offering 8 week internships to successful applicants.
We only offer 1 internship at any time.
You will receive a Seasonal Weekly Produce Box each week you come to work and learn with us.

Committment required – 1 day per week for 8 consecutive weeks, (approx 8 hours, lunch provided)

Course Outline:

Week 1 – Bed Prep (Intro to Market Garden Tools we use)

Week 2 – Weeds and Pests (We will teach you all the ways we minimise weeds and pests in our gardens)

Week 3 – Fertility and Planting, Planning Tools (Compost Tea, compost)

Week 4 – Season extension (both hot and cold)

Week 5 – Harvesting, processing and cold storage

Week 6 – Choosing Crops (How we choose what to grow, crop successions, planning)

Week 7 – The Business of Organic Farming

Week 8 – Review, Ask any questions, Cover anything we missed

The style of learning will be mostly informal and practical, hands- on, however, you will also receive some course notes, and a certificate of completion.

Please register your interest here – Apply!