Rocket is a wonderful herb / leafy green….it is one of our consistent produce lines, and now we are having great success with soil-grown baby leaf rocket….most baby leaf products you find available in the retail markets around here are hydraponically grown. We are able to grow our baby...
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Sweet Alice – Alyssum

Sweet alice (alyssum) is a hardy flowering annual that grows really easily from seed. It has a mass of tiny flowers and come in white, pink, purple hues with a sweet soft fragrance. The fragrance attracts hoverflies and ladybugs, so it is good to plant around vegetables in the...
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Microgreens are nutrient dense, supplying enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and have a purifying and alkalizing action. Many plants can be consumed as microgreens (microgreens are a stage of plant development when the plants first leaves appear). Lifeforce microgreens are grown in sunlight with ormus and agnihotra ash to ensure...
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Bok Choy

Bok choy grows wonderfully well this time of year alongside other asian veg, above you see komatsuna, bok choy, red choy and in in the distance tatsoi. Even though bok choy is considered a leafy green which has a predominant bitter taste, naturally balancing for Kapha and Pitta…bok choy...
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Purple King Beans

Purple king beans are beautiful climbers to have in the garden, the bees and other insects love them. Beans grow well most of the year where there is no frost, and give an abundant harvest. Beans need a structure to climb on, mine are climbing up lengths of bamboo…...
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I tend to use shallots frequently in meals for my family in place of onions, so have decided to grow them as one of my produce lines. They have grown fantastically well 🙂  Onions are regarded as Pitta increasing, and whilst shallots are a relative of the Allium family (Allium...
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Rosella’s are an native Australian bushfood…they have grown well in the garden over the summer, and are now loaded with fruit 🙂 Rosella’s are most commonly used in making jam, cordial and tea blends…Rosella’s are used as a herbal remedy in Australia, Asia and Africa, and are very high...
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Starting to harvest some of the pumpkin’s from the summer pumpkin beds… Pumpkin can be used to pacify Vata when served warm and spiced, and is also good for Pitta. Traditionally pumpkin is used to treat ulcers, bladder / prostate problems, this vegetable is also high in minerals, beta-carotene,...
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This week I would like to introduce Mooli, another name is Daikon….this is a long white radish that is most often served in salads or curries. Ayurvedically this food is used to decrease Vata and Kapha in the body and increases Pitta…medicinally this root has been used for many...
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Thai Chilli

Thai chilli’s grow well in the subtropics as annuals….they produce an abundant crop and a lovely flavour to thai style foods. Chilli’s are considered to be heating, and pungent in Ayurvedic traditions stimulating agni(digestive fire). Most benefit to Kapha body types, in small amounts Vata….imbalancing for Pitta. Chillis have...
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