Meet the Farmers

MEET Farmher, Sheia:

Born in England, of Turkish Cypriot and Punjabi descent…immigrated to Australia with my family.

I have always loved to grow plants, and had my first garden at a young age, I loved to grow flowers and vegetables – still do 🙂 Along with my love of gardening, I also have a keen interest in health and healing, I completed a Bachelor of Science with majors in clinical Biochemistry and Microbiology. However, I became disenchanted with the pharmaceutical approach to healing, and began to look for other more holistic systems…leading me to Ayurveda, TCM, Kinesiology, Feng Shui and many other amazing ancient modalities.  I have also been involved with Industrial Hemp.

MEET Farmer, Isaac:

Isaac is using his wealth of skills and knowledge gathered over 30 years of experience in the fruit and vegetable industry… as a produce warehouse manager and primary wholesaler at Rocklea Markets in Brisbane…secondary wholesaler and box delivery business manager and owner in regional Victoria and Brisbane, Farmer’s Market stall manager and owner in regional Victoria and Brisbane, fruit retail shop manager and grower’s liaison to conventional farms in Queensland and to Cert Organic Farms in Queensland, NSW and Victoria) to grow the profitability and success of local farms in Byron Shire.

OUR STORY – Food For Lawns

We are a Food for lawns organisation, and would love to inspire more landowners, and farmers to dig up their lawns, and grow more local food!

So, we are, what is becoming known as landless farmers…We farm in Mullumbimby with the generous support of landowners (mulch and cattle farmers).

Sheia came to meet the landowners through her work with Hemp Foods Australia as their Farming Manager, and grew a trial of a European variety of Industrial Hemp. At the same time, the landowners said they would like a vegetable garden, so I started planting a vegetable garden in the first bed. After the hemp crop they let me continue planting vegetables on the other 5 beds…which became 9…then 33..then 80 beds :))

It has been an enormous journey for us from home gardeners to commercial growers…

LifeForce Food Gardens was dreamed into manifestation in 2016, and combines many of our passions and skills to provide locally grown, high quality, organic produce at an affordable price to our community, as a way to be part of the change required to be in right relationship with our Mother Earth, connecting consumers with production and Nature for highest health, consciousness and well-being.

As more and more people do not have access to land at this time, we are finding new ways within our communities to provide win-win solutions that benefit us all. Primarily by providing local, organic, affordable produce…moving the scales back from chemical agriculture to small scale sustainable farms providing a better world by Being The Change We Wish To See….


 In some native languagues the term for plants translates to “those who take care of us” Robin Wall Kimmerer