Introduction To Our Farm:


Hello, and Welcome to our Farmily 🙂

Lifeforce Food Gardens was dreamed into being in 2016. I first came to the land in a previous role as the Farming Manager for Hemp Foods Australia. I grew a trial of industrial hemp on the site of the gardens. After harvesting the hemp, the landowners encouraged me to keep growing on the patch, which grew from 6 x 40m beds to now over 80!

We are a sustainable, certified organic farm based upon permaculture principles, located in Mullumbimby, Byron Shire, NSW. Our dreaming and vision is to connect consumers with production....this is about getting to know your local farmers and entering into partnership with us :)....eating good quality, local (Mullumbimby), seasonal, and organic foods.

Our mission is to provide affordable, organic, high quality foods and flowers to raise awareness about the importance of small scale local organic agriculture for the health of our community and our planet.